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Find a Locally Owned Practice

Click on the map below for listings of independent veterinary practitioners near you.

If you don't see any practices in your area, be sure to check back as this map is being continuously updated.

Remember to also ask your current or potential new veterinarian if their hospital is locally owned and operated. 


Featured Independent Practices

Neabore Veterinary Clinic
Haddonfield, NJ

Neabore Veterinary Clinic’s mission is to meet the needs of pets and humans in their local community by providing the highest quality service and veterinary medicine at the best value.


In many cases, there is no one “right” answer to veterinary care, because every patient, every client, and every circumstance is different. Neabore Veterinary Clinic assists clients in evaluating and choosing veterinary care options based on their goals and concerns for their pet’s health.

  • Wellness Care

  • Same-Day Sick Appointments

  • Surgical and Dental Procedures

  • X-rays, Ultrasound, Emergency Blood Work

Neabore Veterinary Clinic is located in Haddonfield, NJ, and serves the following New Jersey communities in Burlington and Camden Counties: Audubon, Barrington, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Haddon Twp, Haddon Heights, and Oaklyn.

Coastal Animal Hospital
Carlsbad, CA and Encinitas, CA

Coastal Animal Hospital is a new generation of veterinary hospital. Wellness exams are the cornerstone of their philosophy, and they have created a "Roadmap to Lifelong Health & Anxiety-Free Pet Ownership", which is a clearly laid out plan to keep your pet healthy for life while reducing the level of stress you may have as a pet owner.  The very first recommendation in the plan has been proven to help dogs live nearly two  years longer. Each subsequent step builds upon that benefit and will decrease pain and suffering your pet would otherwise experience throughout their life. Their goal for your pet is simple: Thrive.

  • Wellness Plans

  • Gold-Standard Dentistry

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Telemedicine

  • Laser Therapy

  • Cancer Screening Program

  • House Calls

Coastal Animal Hospital has two locations: Encinitas, CA and Carlsbad, CA

Cherokee Animal Hospital
Canton, GA

At Cherokee Animal Hospital, you will find a friendly staff dedicated to you and the veterinary care of your furry loved ones.


Their mission is to treat patients with kindness and sympathy, to strive to accommodate patients so they can feel relaxed during their visit, and to listen and help owners make the best decisions for their family, understanding they know their pet best.

  • Wellness Care

  • Surgical and Dental Procedures

  • Laser Therapy

  • Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

  • Behavior Program

  • Boarding

  • Remote Vet Care

Cherokee Animal Hospital is located in Canton, GA, which is a suburb of Atlanta. 

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